Tips for your Jewels

Our jewels are 14k Gold Filled, 18k Solid Gold, 14k Solid Gold, Solid Sterling Silver 925, Brass ,Solid Bronze, and Gold Plated

We want to  give you here just a few simple tips in care of Ms Friesch® Jewelry:

** It is highly recommended to avoid direct contact with water( like swimming or showering), perfumes and lotions. I also recommended that you take off your jewelry when you workout or go to the beach and before going to bed.

** Solid  Gold -while gold filled jewelry does not tarnish as does sterling silver and brass, occasionally it can be cleaned/polished

( the same way as regular 14k gold) using warm soapy water and an old toothbrush. Or, you can use a commercial liquid gold cleaner.

** All our Sterling Silver, Brass and Solid Bronze jewelry  have a special clear micro crystalline wax protector in order to last longer oxadation process and therefore they are hypoallergenic

** Sterling silver needs to be cleaned from time to time to keep it bright and shiny, as it will tarnish and become dull and dingy looking, eventually oxidizing. Anyway I recomend to use it under fresh water to keep it shiny and eventually clean it with water and a neutral soap. For a deep clean you can just dunk your jewelry in the liquid, swish it around for about 5-7 seconds and pull it out...any longer may damage stones!!

** Keeping your sterling silver jewelry proteccted in a jewelry box or commercial jewelry bags infused with anti-tarnishing agents will help slow down the tarnishing. 

** Rinse with warm running water and dry with a paper towel ( NOT a cloth or terry cloth towel, as it may snag). We work with Rich and anti-tarnish Brass,doesnt become dull.


** Turquoise, Coral, Pearls and other porous gemstones are not recommended to be placed in cleaning solutions


** All Ms Friesch jewelry should be handled with care, as it is delicate. If it does snag on something, do not pull at the jewelry as it may stretch it out of shape. Gently hold the jewelry and try loosening the snagged item instead.


** While not being worn, the jewelry should be carefully stored in separate quarters away from other jewelry, to keep it from getting tangled. Optimally it should be hang up on special displays desingned for hanging jewelry 

** If our jewels suffer blows or fall on hard surfaces, they could be broken because they´re Natural Gems

**Jewels with Flat surfaces will be scratch more easily, so keep them separate from rice with other